Illustration Major at
Montserrat College of Art
Booze in an Italian coffee bar.

Potted Plants in my kitchen brought to you by instagram filters.

The backyard vegetable garden. Happy summer!

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Summer Sketchbook page 3
Summer Sketchbook page 1
Life Drawing 2 Final. Self Portrait, Elliott, and Hannah.
I’ve been doing a lot of these little landscapes to practice this watercolor and watercolor pencil technique. I’m really happy with how they are coming out and really like this one in particular :) Art is so fun!
I don’t really like the effect of the paper I did this on but at least I know now not to use this paper again. I’m happy with the luminosity though- definitely a step  toward what i’d like my work to start looking like.A very silly piece I did for illustration 4. I think it’s about daydreaming.